CorrectedTime Update - Summer 2021

17th August 2021
Racing is not just about numbers. For some competitors, it's the context, the memories, the experience.

Public photos and your choice of wind scale

Ernie I can't believe you beat me by 20 seconds on handicap.
Eric Was that the drifter on Sunday?
Ernie Nope, the Force 4 north-westerly on Saturday. Remember the rainbow over the clubhouse?
Eric Oh yeah! What an awesome last beat by the way; you pulled a blinder!

Race results software don't usually provide that. In this new update, with wind conditions and photos are provided in context, alongside the race results.

New Features:
  • Photos can now be added to races. Seem more information below.
  • Dates have been added to race links in the event results table.
  • A visitor can now choose between Mph, Kph and Beaufort scale from the menu.

  • Capitalisation fixed for auto-complete of class names  
  • Wind Direction and Strength made more intuitive.
  • Fixed a typo on the about page.
  • Removed blank entries from menu.
  • Fixed sailor stats which failed in some cases.

Race Photos!
Alongside wind conditions, the presence of photos alongside race results give more context and help trigger memories of the day for competitors.
Photos will be shown on the event and race result pages. Click on any photo to see the full version.
Uploading a photo can be done by any visitor, no need to register, but an email address is required. Ownership of the image is not claimed by CorrectedTime and will remain with the uploader. By uploading a photo, permission is granted to store, process (resize) and show the image.

Privacy & Safety
Privacy is important to CorrectedTime. The system no longer has any tracking (it used to be hooked up to Google Analytics). Email addresses collected for photo uploads will not be shared, but will be used to help reduce spam and in notifications for later features (see below).
Any visitor can also report a photo as in-appropriate. Reported photos will be removed from view immediately and can be re-instated by a moderator if deemed appropriate.

Upcoming Features - Summer/Autumn 2021
These are not set in stone yet, but here’s the plan…
  • Wind conditions will be fetched from another source. The current source ( is brilliant, but will soon close access to results, after being bought by Apple Inc.
  • High-fives 🖐 allow visitors to show their appreciation for a perfect photo or a great race well sailed. Badges on the website and email notifications to the uploader of a photo.
  • Guest access - A club will be able to share a temporary login to allow another user to manage racing for a specific event for a specified time period. Guest logins can be cancelled early.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me on